Soft Skills Training For Ambitious Graduates
Employers love qualifications and extra curricular achievements, but what else are they looking for? They love graduates who enter the world of work equipped with the soft skills that let them hit the ground running and make a meaningful contribution. Here’s just a few of the soft skills employers are looking for in new graduates: That’s where we come in…
Skills That Do More Than Pay The Bills
You want to show what you can do in a way that’s not just about putting in the hours and getting a pay cheque. Sound like you? We thought it might! Soft skills allow you to build connections, speak with confidence, and make a contribution in any setting. Our goal is to help you build them the smart way.
Training That Sets You Free
First-day nerves are normal but it’s the way you handle them that makes all the differ-ence. Armed with soft skills that help you bridge the gap between uni and the workplace, you’ll never feel off the pace or like you’re struggling to keep up. We’re ready to deliver training that really does set you free.

Effective communication

Teamwork and Collaboration


Time Management



QAVAC® is an online learning platform that provides industry specific soft skills training programs to help graduates make a seamless transition into the world of work. Our goal is to help graduates excel in the all-important first few years on the job.

QAVAC® soft skills training program is designed for measurable and lasting results and is the go-to tool necessary for career success We’re passionate about equipping skilled graduates and passionate young professionals with real-world soft skills that every employer values. Our training program is designed to deliver tangible results that last long term, allowing you to integrate into the world of work faster than any other approach. And because everything is delivered via intuitive online learning, you can make progress anywhere and everywhere. Ready when you are…

Welcome to the world of soft skills

First impressions, social introductions and a little bit of knowledge to show for all those years of study will take you a long way. Soft skills are what allow all of this to come to the surface on your first day:

Soft Skills Bridge
The Gap

You have the knowledge and passion, now it’s time to tie it all together.

Soft Skills Build

Give yourself every chance of success and find your voice in the workplace.

Soft Skills Are All About Practice

The more you practice, the more quickly you’ll be able to adapt and progress.

Soft Skills Power The Real World

Grades are great but soft skills are super. Put them together and you’ll be ready.

Soft Skills help build your confidence

You have the academic qualifications and the passion, so surely that’s all you need? The truth is that soft skills are the missing piece of the puzzle which tie everything together. They allow you to smooth the transition to the world of work, to network and communicate, and to just basically get on with everyone you meet. If you can do those three things, then you’ll be well on your way.

Soft skills don’t just pay the bills

Learn the real-world skills exams and grades never assess and you’ll be able to wow any employer with a professional approach that helps you progress as well as get paid.

Create Connections

When you’re part of the team, you can ask for help without ever having to worry.

Communicate Clearly

Industry-specific communication advice will help you find your voice in just the right way.

Perfect Presentations

Showcase everything you have to offer quickly, efficiently and clearly the first time, every time.

Learn even faster

Taking the spotlight is what every fast learner does, so why shouldn’t it be you who’s shining?

There’s 5 Things You Need To Know About Soft Skills

Ready to get your career up and running in a way that makes you smile every time you head out the door in the morning? We’ll connect you with the resources that are sure to make all the difference…

5 things you need to know about soft skills

The secret to getting your career off to the perfect start is to take yourself from a new graduate to a valued professional quicker than anyone else.

Soft Skills


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